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The Goods and Services Tax

  • What is GST – Introduction

    The One Hundred and Twenty Second Amendment (122nd) to the Constitution in 2014 brought GST to the fore. It seek to facilitate the introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India. The amendment(s) conferred powers to the Parliament and state legislatures to make laws to levy GST on the

  • Why GST is introduced ?

    GST aims to end multiplicity of taxes. Before the implementation of GST, different taxes at various levels were charged, like entry tax levied on the entry of goods in local areas. This led to a complex, indirect tax structure full of hidden costs which eventually ended up burning a hole

  • What is the GST Structure ?

    The proposed dual GST aims to tax a taxable event simultaneously by the Centre and State(s). So, the Centre, as well as the States will be empowered to levy GST, right from the manufacturing stage to the end of the line at the consumption stage. It will be ensured

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Ashutosh Dwivedi

The best way for youth to be a professional tax consultant. The back end support is really enough good, the people behind it are really innovative, intelligent & supporting. A great way to start your own business & can dream to earn six figure income. Thanks a lot to whole team.

Letha Kurian

Complete solutions for all GST related services.Very good venture to start a franchise of your own . I already started ..

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Great opportunity to be GST practitioner whoever you are

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Great Opportunity to open own GST franchise.


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What is GST Suvidha Center?

What is GST Suvidha Center?

We realize that many people might not be familiar with the process of financial reporting using tools available online.
The GST Suvidha centers aim to target such people and help them with any query that they might have so that they can produce invoices and file their returns smoothly.
GST Suvidha Center is a small office set-up where anyone who wishes to file GST return or avail any other related service or get any query redressed, can easily walk in, and be helped by our personnel.
GST Suvidha Center can be set up even in a small setting by any individual or any company in an area which has 1000 or more small business owners (of any type).
The GST Suvidha Center will be at helm of helping such business owners who will be its clients. Having the requisite technical hardware and software is of absolute importance along with keeping staff familiar with its intricate workings so that they may help their clients file returns and resolve any query smoothly.
The GST Suvidha Center shall have fixed prices of services offered on the basis of which the clients will be provided with the best services for that price.

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